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In 2013, our mother, Myriam, was diagnosed with a glioblastoma brain tumor, a terminal cancer with a very poor prognosis that kills approximately 90% of victims within five years. Our relentless pursuit to save her life led us to cannabis.

Information at the time was limited, but what we found was promising. With guidance from cannabis groups on Facebook and a few YouTube videos, we figured out how to make healing cannabis oils for our mom.

Almost immediately after her diagnosis, our mom lost her ability to speak, her memory worsened, and she started losing control of the entire right side of her body. A combined treatment of chemotherapy and our oils made a remarkable difference—our mom almost seemed like her normal self. And that improvement persisted.

We actively shared our mom’s story on social media, and it gave hope to many. People wanted the oils for their ailing loved ones, but oils were hard to come by and expensive at that time. As we got more and more requests to make them for those in need, we realized what we needed to do.

We created Myriam’s Hope in 2013 to give everyone affordable access to the caliber of oils that helped improve our mom’s quality of life during her illness and gave us hope when we needed it the most.

Family-owned manufacturer of CBD and other hemp-derived products.


Having experienced firsthand the impact that disease can
have on a family and how the right products can make all
the difference in the world, we truly are a customer-first
company. Our mother’s long-fought battle with cancer
inspires us to guide, help, and value every customer.


Family owned and operated, we work side-by-side with
those we care most about. This sense of caring permeates
the relationships we build with our customers. The result:
You are treated like a family because you become an
extension of ours.


We sell products, but what we offer is hope. Find comfort and
confidence in our caring approach as we work directly with
you to recommend a clean, more natural solution for your
needs. Affordable, uniquely formulated, and available
worldwide, our oils often deliver the relief you longed to find.


Made with everything you need, and nothing you don’t, our
premium hemp products are rich in CBD and other
cannabinoids, grown organically, made with all organic
ingredients, and lab-tested for purity and safety.


Our products often work better than other brands because
we use proprietary methods to optimize their absorbency
and offer novel, higher potency CBD options. We also have
the ability to custom formulate our products to meet your
specific needs.


The best products in the world can’t help you if they aren’t
affordable. We price our premium hemp products so they
are truly an option for almost anyone – while maintaining
industry-best standards for product quality.

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