Hemp is one of the most incredible plants in the world. It’s a member of the cannabis sativa species. But while most cannabis plants are used to harvest marijuana, hemp contains low levels of THC which makes it useless for these purposes. Despite that, hemp is one of the most useful kinds of plants. It’s now used in all kinds of things from health products to clothing. There are even houses built out of hemp.

Hemp has all kinds of useful qualities. In addition to a range of healthy cannabinoids and high nutritional content, it’s also sturdy, antimicrobial, environmentally-friendly, and shockingly versatile. Here are some of the most surprising uses of hemp.

1. CBD Oil

CBD is often associated and sometimes even mistaken for marijuana, especially as it’s often given to medical marijuana patients as a high-free alternative to marijuana. However, most CBD Oils are made with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract. 

Hemp contains high levels of CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system. As such, it’s often used to create legal CBD products including CBD Oil, Edibles, Vape Products, Topicals, and a lot more.

You can now buy CBD Oil online providing that it’s made from hemp. Since hemp products are federally legal in the U.S. you don’t need a medical card to buy and use these. It’s one of the most interesting and popular uses of hemp today.

2. Hemp Clothing and Jewelry

Hemp isn’t just good for consumable products. You can also find many clothes and accessories made from hemp fiber. It turns out that hemp fiber is three times as strong as cotton, making it perfect for items of clothing such as t-shirts, jackets, and pretty much anything else.

It’s also commonly used to make jewelry. Hemp jewelry has become a big trend in the past few years, and the fibers of the plant are commonly used to make items such as bracelets, necklaces, and even accessories such as purses and bags.

Hemp makes for amazing material for clothing and accessories. It’s soft, absorbent, durable, and surprisingly strong. You might be shocked at just how well hemp clothing feels and how long it lasts.

3. Building Materials

One of the most surprising uses of hemp overall is its use in building materials. Hemp can be used as an alternative to concrete- “Hempcrete” is a material used to make building blocks that are shockingly strong and durable. While they may not be as tough as concrete, they’re a fraction of the weight as well as being mold-resistant and carbon negative.

Hemp also works as an amazing insulator. Using hempcrete is a highly affordable, effective, and sustainable way to insulate houses, not to mention the fact that it’s waterproof and fireproof. Hemp can also be used to make pipes.

The use of hemp in construction is one of the most fascinating things about the plant. While it’s usually used for parts of houses or small structures, there are even entire hemp houses now, showing just how versatile hemp can be.

Skin Products

4. Skin Products

Since it’s packed with all kinds of helpful components, hemp can also do wonders for your skin. You can now find all kinds of hemp-based skin and beauty products which can help with various skin problems.

One of the reasons hemp is used in skin products is due to the components of hemp seed oil. Hemp seeds are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and essential oils which make them great for the skin.

5. Plastic and Paper Alternative

Due to its renewable and biodegradable nature, hemp is an amazing alternative for regular plastic products. With plastic being one of the top contributors to pollution, hemp makes for a great replacement due to how environmentally-friendly it is. What’s more, hemp is significantly stronger than plastic.

Hemp plastic can come in handy for all kinds of things from furniture to toys, but the uses are endless. One of the most interesting ways it’s been used is for vehicle parts. The Porsche 718 was made with hemp components which make it lighter while still being perfectly durable.

It also makes for a great alternative to paper. Hemp paper was actually regularly used in the past until archaic laws made the production of hemp illegal. Not only is hemp-paper eco-friendly, but it’s also much more durable and long-lasting than tree paper as well as being faster to produce.

Plastic and Paper Alternative

6. Biofuel

Another one of the most surprising uses of hemp is that it could become an important biofuel in the future. Since its both renewable and won’t add to the greenhouse effect, it could make for a highly viable alternative to fossil fuels.

Research is currently being carried out into the possibility of using hemp biofuel in the future. Many suggest that hemp is a perfectly viable biofuel that could meet the world’s demands while also reducing pollution.

The main problem is production. Much more hemp would be needed, and most hemp nowadays goes to things such as food products. However, hemp biofuel is a realistic possibility for the future as hemp production continues to grow.


These are a few of the most interesting, useful, and surprising uses of hemp, although there are many more. From building materials to clothing to consumable food products, hemp has all kinds of practical properties which make it one of the most versatile materials in the world. With the 2018 Farm Bill making hemp legal to produce and use, the uses of hemp will likely grow in the future.

You can now find all kinds of hemp products on the market, from hemp clothing and jewelry to hemp oil. You can also buy hemp-based CBD products online from Myriam’s Hope Hemp. All of these products are made with hemp extracts, making them safe to use and legal across the country.

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