Determining the Right Dosage of CBD

How Long Does it Take for CBD to Take Effect?

How Long Does it Take for CBD to Take Effect?

CBD has gained widespread popularity in recent years as many begin to realize the positive impact that it can have on their everyday lives. It is sold in a variety of different forms and potencies and may contribute to increased health benefits such as the reduction of chronic pain, inflammation, joint discomfort, and more. CBD is a naturally occurring cannabinoid that comes from the cannabis plant, but unlike THC, the well-known producer of psychoactive effects, CBD has a much more subtle impact on the brain. This means that it can be difficult to know if and when it’s working in your body and whether you’ve taken enough of it to reap the healthy rewards. At Myriam’s Hemp, we make it our mission to provide resources that can help you understand how CBD works and how to determine the length of time required to feel the effects.

Determining the Right Dosage of CBD

How much you take has a big impact on when CBD will begin to do its job. When you’re just starting out with CBD, it’s usually recommended to choose a lower dose, to begin with, and adjust until you determine the correct amount for your body. It may take time to find the right dose – anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month or more – but staying diligent will enable the CBD to build up in your system and start performing.

How You Consume CBD Makes a Difference

CBD doesn’t react the same way as THC, for example, where the effects can be reasonably instantaneous depending on the method of consumption. The most common way to consume CBD oil is by taking a few drops under your tongue, as this enables the oil to reach your bloodstream without being broken down. If you swallow it instead, you’ll lose much of the potency as enzymes in your liver break down the cannabinoid before it enters your bloodstream, effectively reducing the impact altogether.

You can also use topical CBD balms or inhale CBD using an electronic cigarette or vape pen, both of which offer different peak times. Creams are often used to relieve chronic pain in targeted areas of your body and the effects can be felt around 90 minutes after application while vaping or inhaling CBD can instigate the effects in as little as three minutes.

How Long Does it Take for CBD to Take Effect

Tips for Success

Adjust Your Dose Appropriately

Understand that there are many factors that contribute to your own CBD timeline, and wait the appropriate amount of time before increasing your dosage. CBD isn’t a quick fix and taking too much is just as ineffective as not taking enough. Our blog on CBD Dosing has more information on this.

If You Don’t Feel It Right Away, Don’t Give Up

The effects of CBD aren’t always immediate and can take time depending on your goal. If your aim is to reduce pain or inflammation, give it time to affect your endocannabinoid system and provide relief.

Always Buy CBD From Reputable Sources

Be sure that the CBD oil you purchase comes from a company that tests for potency and quality. This way you can ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth, but also so that it will have a positive impact on your life.

Myriam’s Hemp is committed to bringing you the highest quality CBD available on the market and helping you throughout your experience with our CBD products. Browse our site to discover the right solutions and purchase high quality CBD oil today.

Reasons Your CBD Oil Isn't Working

Reasons Your CBD Oil Isn’t Working

Reasons Your CBD Oil Isn’t Working

Many people who start taking CBD have the expectation that it should begin to work straight away, that they should feel the effects of CBD quickly. For some, it’s based on how other substances work. If you have a headache and take a tablet, it usually works within an hour. THC, alcohol, and many other substances begin to work fairly quickly for most, but CBD is a little different. First of all, CBD isn’t going to give you the buzz that THC will, nor will it “kick in” as fast. CBD is a cannabinoid that interacts with the endocannabinoid system in your brain, and each person will feel or experience the effects a little differently. There are several factors that can dictate the effect that it will have, and how quickly those effects can be felt.

How to Make CBD Work For You

“I Tried It Once, But I Didn’t Feel Anything.”

You aren’t alone – in fact, if you’ve just started taking CBD oil or tried it once before setting it aside, there’s a good chance that you won’t feel anything. CBD takes time to build up in your system, which means that it’s important to continue taking it daily for a few weeks in order to get fully acquainted. If you have been taking it for a few weeks and still haven’t noticed any difference in terms of pain, inflammation, joint discomfort, it could be time to adjust your dosage. It’s always good to start small and work your way up, but the opposite can have just as little impact. Taking too much OR too little CBD means that you won’t likely feel any change. Your body needs the right amount which will be somewhere in the middle – so adjust your dosage, continue taking it, and note any differences. Remember that your weight can make a difference, too. If you’re smaller, you may not need to increase by very much, while if you’re if a little bigger, you may want to try a stronger dose.

How to Make CBD Work for You

If you want to give CBD another try, be sure that it comes from a reputable source. CBD oil should always be tested by those who sell it in order to ensure that the quality and potency are accurate. If a retailer is legitimate, they’ll have lab reports to prove that their products are the real deal. You can find Myriam’s Hemp’s lab results on our website. Once you know that you have a good bottle, try changing up the way that you consume it. The most common method for taking CBD is to place a few drops under your tongue so that it can be absorbed quickly into your bloodstream before your body breaks it down. You can also consume it directly, mix it into food, or add it to your favorite drink. Consuming CBD will cause enzymes in your liver to breakdown the oil to some degree, but if your dosage is correct, you’ll still feel the effects of CBD in a positive way.

Don’t Give Up! Myriam’s Hemp Can Help

At Myriam’s Hemp, our goal is to provide you with educational resources to help you get the most from CBD and enjoy its natural health benefits. We carefully source our products from reputable growers and producers to ensure that you’re armed with the best quality and complete lab testing so that you can be sure too. We’re always available to answer any questions you have about your CBD intake, so be sure to contact us for more information.

How to Get the Most Out of Your CBD

How to Get the Most out of Your CBD

How to Get the Most out of Your CBD

It isn’t uncommon for many who use CBD to become frustrated or fall out of sync with it. CBD can be highly beneficial for many people, but continued use is paramount due to the way that it interacts with our bodies. Falling out of your CBD routine could occur because you aren’t feeling the positive effects of it, or it could just be that you aren’t sure how to fully maximize its potential in your day-to-day life. CBD acts differently for different people and finding your rhythm can be a daunting process – but the end result is a life that is more balanced, more fulfilling, and less painful. If you have a bottle of CBD that you bought to try out, received as a Christmas gift, or simply feel stuck in a bit of a rut with your dosage lately, focusing on new ways to get the most out of your CBD can help. One or more of these solutions could help you reach the place where it all clicks, and you can begin to enjoy the benefits of CBD in your everyday life.

Make Sure Your Dropper Is Always Clean

This may sound trivial, but if your dropper isn’t clean it can degrade your CBD with impurities. Without cleaning, your dropper can develop mold and ruin the precious bottle altogether. If you’ve had your bottle of CBD oil for a while, a good first step is to clean the dropper. You can use mildly soapy water to clean the dropper thoroughly and ensure that any impurities are washed away. This will provide you with a properly clean vehicle to deliver CBD into your system.

If You Don’t Enjoy the Taste, Mask It with Food!

Everyone has different tastes. If you aren’t enjoying the taste of your CBD oil, try mixing it into food so that the flavor can be disguised. By consuming CBD you’ll still be able to enjoy the benefits of it, but there may be some break down before it enters your bloodstream. Make sure that you’re taking the correct dose that will allow you to consume it directly without taking away from the natural benefits that it provides. If you’re stumped for ideas, try adding it to salad dressing, mixing it into your baking (be sure to get the amounts right!), or spreading it on toast along with butter or avocado. Read our ultimate guide to cooking with CBD oil for even more ideas! For those who don’t like the natural flavor of CBD, Myriam’s Hemp also offers Vanilla flavored CBD oil!

Adding CBD to Food

Add CBD to Your Drinks to Get Your Daily Dose

Drinking your CBD oil could be the easiest solution and get you back on track with taking it daily. You can take it with a glass of water at a set time each day or try a variety of other drinks to help mask the flavor and give yourself a reason to continue with it. Add a few drops of CBD oil into your morning coffee, afternoon lemonade, or evening iced tea, and enjoy the experience.

Contact the Team at Myriam’s Hemp

At Myriam’s Hemp, our goal is to help you succeed on your CBD journey and support you with options to suit your life. If you aren’t feeling the effects of CBD after several weeks of continued use, it is probably time to increase your dosage. Once you’ve hit the mark, you can fully enjoy CBD and make it an important part of your day. Browse our CBD products online and purchase CBD oil to help you take control of your pain, stress, inflammation, and more.

Valentine’s Day CBD Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day CBD Gift Guide

If you’ve been frantically searching for a unique and unexpected gift that won’t leave you clutching your wallet in despair, we recommend checking out CBD for Valentine’s Day this year. A beacon of health and wellness, CBD gifts are a great option for everyone. To help you in your search for the perfect gift, Myriam’s Hemp has created a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide so that you can determine the most ideal CBD gift for your loved one.

Valentine's Day CBD Gift Guide

Finding the Perfect Gift

In the past, purchasing CBD for Valentine’s Day may have been completely out of the question. But now, times have changed drastically, giving couples and lovebugs the opportunity to dote on one another in a unique way. Depending on what your better half struggles with on a day-to-day basis, they may benefit from a particular product – we have several to choose from:

If your sweetheart has been experiencing muscle aches, inflammation, or skin issues, our CBD Balm is an excellent choice. It also doubles as a great addition for massages so be prepared to turn this CBD gift for Valentine’s Day into the ultimate gift.

Raise your loved one’s spirits with full spectrum hemp oil. Many of our customers suffering from chronic pain or high levels of stress, choose to purchase our Daily 50 CBD or CBG Oil which helps them to alleviate the troubles of the day.

One of the most common issues and causes for pain is inflammation. If your better half has been struggling with pain and inflammation we recommend our CBDA Oil or our CBD+CBDA Blend.

Insomniacs rejoice! For those having difficulty falling asleep, getting the right amount of sleep, or waking up in the middle of the night, we may have a solution. Our vanilla-flavored CBN Oil may be the ticket to the sweetest of dreams.

And of course, if you’re not quite sure if your other half has tried CBD products, we have the perfect CBD gift for you. For those first-timers out there, we recommend taking a test run with our Daily 25 vanilla flavored CBD. It makes a great introductory product and CBD gift for everyone!

In addition to these lovely CBD gifts, we offer smaller 15ml sizes in CBG Olive Oil, Daily 50 CBD Vanilla, and Daily 100 CBD Olive Oil.

What Goes into Myriam’s Hemp Products?

At Myriam’s Hemp, all our products are made with all-natural ingredients and premium hemp extract. Formulated for maximum absorption and efficacy, our full spectrum hemp oil boasts a full range of phytocannabinoids, beneficial terpenes, and flavonoids. We are proud to say that our products are rich in CBD and lab-tested for purity and safety. At Myriam’s Hemp we go the extra mile to make sure our products have everything you need, and nothing you don’t. Every product is completely vegan friendly, and free of wheat and sugar.

Purchase Your CBD for Valentine’s Day from Myriam’s Hemp

Myriam’s Hemp is a family-oriented, family-owned, and family-operated manufacturer of CBD and other hemp-derived products. We work alongside those we care about the most and aim to let this sense of caring permeate into the relationships we build with our customers. Having experienced firsthand the impact that disease can have on a family, we understand how having access to the right products can make all the difference. We truly are a customer-first company, and we work hard to keep it that way. Purchase premium CBD oil from Myriam’s Hemp today and experience the caring approach we take with all our customers and the benefits associated with full spectrum CBD.

What is the Entourage Effect in CBD?

What is the Entourage Effect in CBD?

What is the Entourage Effect in CBD?

Many might think that cannabis comprises just two natural ingredients that provide an abundance of health benefits – THC and CBD – but there are various other chemical compounds (phytocannabinoids) that are thought to aid in the delivery of the plant’s natural advantages. These other compounds might not make it onto the webpages of most dispensaries, news agencies, or social media, but as we discover more about the makeup of the cannabis plant, it begs the question: What is the entourage effect? The additional compounds found in cannabis are essential contributors that work together with THC and CBD to provide the effects that many patients and customers seek. This combination of phytocannabinoids that includes CBG, CBC, CBN, and various others has been referred to as the CBD entourage effect, and we believe that it’s important to take a closer look at what that means for you.

What is the Entourage Effect in CBD?

How Does it Work?

The entourage effect occurs as cannabis is smoked or vaporized and the various compounds mix together to provide collaborative benefits. Studies have found that CBD works best when activated by a small amount of THC, and numerous CBD products today contain trace amounts of THC as a result. But while not yet proven, doctors and cannabis experts have developed the theory of the CBD entourage effect based on a combination of research and controlled studies. The research available tells us that combining both terpenes and phytocannabinoids may provide enhanced benefits for the relief of different ailments such as pain, anxiety, inflammation, cancer, epilepsy, and even fungal infections when compared to CBD or THC on their own.

More research is definitely needed, but there is a strong belief that the CBD entourage effect is real, and it could open up a number of doors in terms of alternative healthcare. Many who use cannabis for its known medical benefits prefer flower as opposed to oils and extracts for this reason, as the flower is the most natural and unaltered form of the plant.

Potential Benefits of the Entourage Effect

Knowing what we do about the entourage effect in CBD, it could mean that cannabis is even more beneficial than we ever believed. We would have the ability to pair specific phytocannabinoids together to achieve a particular desired effect, such as for chronic pain relief, anxiety, or even cancer prevention. Again, these are still just theories for the time being, but other benefits could potentially include:

Increased memory function by pairing the pinene terpene with THC

Addiction treatment by pairing CBD with caryophyllene

Reduced anxiety by pairing the terpene limonene with CBD

Advanced sedation by pairing THC with CBN

Currently, there are several cannabis forms available such as oils, tinctures, and other edibles that are labeled as “full spectrum”. This means that they contain pure cannabis oil extracted from plants using advanced technology such as supercritical CO2 extraction machines. These products are intended to contain all of the phytocannabinoids that cannabis offers including THC, CBN, CBD, CBG, terpenes, and hundreds of other compounds that deliver the entourage effect and all of the benefits that go along with it.

When these products are altered to provide customers with different effects, they become labeled as broad-spectrum instead – cannabis products with the THC removed, for example. The advantage of isolating specific compounds, however, is that we can pair intentionally to produce specific effects that can provide medically beneficial results. With further research and development, the possibilities could be virtually endless.

If you’re looking to experience the benefits of the entourage effect in CBD, Myriam’s Hemp is here to help you make an educated choice. We’re committed to providing detailed information surrounding medicinal cannabis as well as the CBD entourage effect in the hope that you can find the relief you need to live a happy, healthy life. Visit our product page to purchase CBD today.

CBD Dosing and the Bell Curve Effect

CBD Dosing and the Bell Curve Effect

CBD Dosing and the Bell Curve Effect

Many customers often wonder about CBD dosing and what amount of CBD they should be taking in an effort to alleviate an assortment of common ailments. As each person is different, it can be confusing to find the right information that will provide you with the most effective benefits. It’s common for many to start off with a small amount of CBD to be safe and get a feel for it, and then increase their CBD dosage in small increments until they reach their desired outcome. But it’s important to understand that CBD isn’t like other substances such as alcohol where the more you consume, the more prevalent the effects will be. In fact, too much CBD won’t do much of anything at all, and that’s why it’s important to reference the Bell Curve Effect for best results.

CBD Dosing and the Bell Curve Effect

What is the Bell Curve Effect?

The Bell Curve Effect indicates the optimal CBD dosage and illustrates a fairly simple formula: a low dose of CBD will provide a low benefit and a high dose will…also provide a low benefit. Cannabinoids don’t provide the standard dose-to-effect result that alcohol or other substances do, but instead are non-linear. This means that if the goal of your CBD intake is to provide the maximum effect (which it most likely is), too much or too little won’t help you succeed.

Your body utilizes CBD differently depending on dosage, and there are various interactions that can take place as a result of the amount that you take. CBD interacts with multiple receptors in your brain as opposed to one singular receptor where a simple dose-to-effect would be more likely, so there’s no use in cautiously underdosing. In order to achieve the maximum benefit indicated by the Bell Curve Effect, your CBD dosage needs to be just right.

How to Determine the Right Amount for You

This all leads back to the original question, “how much CBD should I take?” and the answer is not as simple as guessing based on your ability to handle other substances. Depending on your level of pain and discomfort or your particular lifestyle, your CBD dosage requirements will vary compared to that of others. Starting with either a high or low dose isn’t necessarily going to help you, and can easily lead some people to the early (and false) conclusion that CBD isn’t going to work for them.

Instead, research the CBD dosage amount that others are taking who share the same ailments as you and start from there. With a tasteless, isolated CBD oil you can easily alter your dose up or down until you find the right fit that works for you. If you’re experiencing a high level of pain, a higher dose of full-spectrum extract may be the best option as it contains multiple cannabinoids that can interact with your brain to produce the desired effects.

Myriam’s Hemp Can Help

At Myriam’s Hemp we have the knowledge and experience to help guide you through your CBD experience. Our CBD products are all lab-tested and contain less than 0.3% THC – just enough to activate the CBD – and contain only natural ingredients grown right here in the United States. Our goal is to provide you with information and assistance so that you can make educated decisions about your health and choose a CBD dosage that will offer you the maximum advantage. If you need further assistance with dosing, our team is happy to refer you to a medical professional that will be able to give you in depth advice the right product and dose for your needs. Contact us to learn more about CBD and what health benefits you may experience or browse through our store and purchase all-natural CBD products today.

CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies and Their Benefits

CBD gummies have become a wildly popular choice for those seeking to enjoy the natural components of CBD without experiencing the intoxicating effects of THC in marijuana. They provide a convenient method for consuming CBD and don’t require any equipment or stringent storage conditions – you can eat them at home or on the go to experience a myriad of benefits. But perhaps the most important aspect is the benefits that gummies offer over other methods of CBD use. Either way, CBD gummies are a great option that can suit most anyone’s needs.

CBD Gummies

What Are CBD Gummies?

CBD is extracted from hemp plants in oil form before it is processed into a wide variety of products such as capsules, lotions, tinctures, vape oils, and of course, gummies. While the method of consumption varies based on personal preference, CBD gummies are popular because they resemble candy and can be paired with various flavors to make them even more desirable to eat. CBD gummies can be made into all shapes and sizes such as gummy bears, drops, sugary rings, or other popular shapes. They vary in potency and there are numerous options to provide you with the right strength for your needs.

What Benefits Do CBD Gummies Provide?

Many people want to take advantage of the natural properties of cannabis, but not everyone wants to get high. CBD gummies offer many advantages over other forms of cannabis, and over other forms of CBD too. Some of the most common reasons why people choose CBD gummies include:

Precision. CBD gummies are manufactured to have the exact same dose of CBD in each one. This makes it very easy to measure how much you consume.

More discreet. Instead of smoking or vaping, CBD gummies can be eaten inconspicuously whether you’re at home or in a public setting.

Better tasting. When it tastes like candy, there’s no bad taste left behind. Some people find that CBD drops can have an unpleasant taste, but CBD gummies are delicious.

Convenient. No setup means no stress. Just pop one and enjoy the natural anti-stress benefits as you continue with your day.

Long-lasting. Compared to smoking or vaping, eating CBD gummies enables the active ingredients to last longer, giving you more relief.

Improved focus. Many have found that their use of CBD gummies has provided them with a better ability to focus on their daily tasks such as studying or working.

Zero lung irritation. If smoking isn’t your thing, gummies provide an excellent way to enjoy CBD without any lung irritation, coughing, or shortness of breath.

At Myriam’s Hemp, we believe that quality matters, and we strive to bring you the best CBD products available on the market. All of our products are made using 100% natural ingredients, don’t contain sugar or wheat, and provide a vegan friendly advantage. Our team understands the benefits of CBD and how it can create real change in terms of health and wellness. We want to continue to bring hope to those suffering through the negativity of pain and stress and provide relief through alternative, natural medicine. Experience the CBD difference with Myriam’s Hemp. CBD Gummies are coming soon!

Which Cannabinoid is Right for You?

Which Cannabinoid is Right for You?

Which Cannabinoid is Right for You?

Cannabinoids are the naturally occurring chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant, many of which are separated to create various products that offer different intended effects. Regardless of what the desired end product is, manufacturers will extract these cannabinoids carefully to preserve their natural benefits so that their full potential can be realized. While there are many different cannabinoids that we know of, some are more well-known than others, such as THC and CBD. Each offers different characteristics and potency levels, and they react with the brain in different ways to achieve specific outcomes.

Which Cannabinoid is Right for You?

What are Differences in Cannabinoids?

While most cannabinoids have demonstrated benefits such as pain relief, they react differently to receptors in the brain. Let’s dive into some of the most common cannabinoids, their effects, and their potential benefits.

THC – Tetrahydrocannabinol. One of the only cannabinoids that will produce a high, THC is also the cannabinoid that is most abundant in marijuana and it has been found to be effective in relieving or reducing pain in some cases, as well as promoting a healthy appetite.

CBD – Cannabidiol. CBD is frequently used for medicinal purposes because it does not produce the same high as THC. However, it can be combined with THC to amplify the effects. Continued use of CBD has demonstrated the potential to improve numerous negative health conditions, such as reduced feelings of stress and better sleep.

CBDA – Cannabidolic Acid. CBDA is the raw acidic form which converts into CBD when it is dried and heated. In its raw acidic form, there have been reports of it potentially being more potent than CBD in smaller doses for anti-inflammatory purposes. This may be useful when used as a remedy for muscle pain or inflammation after an injury or infection.

CBG – Cannabigerol. CBG is becoming more popular among researchers and medical professionals. It has become a choice for alternative cancer fighting strategies as it may decrease the number of bacteria that can grow. If effective, this could stunt tumor and cancer cells.

CBN – Cannabinol. CBN occurs when THC oxidizes and loses its intoxicating effects. This cannabinoid may be able to help with concerns surrounding pain, inflammation, sleep disorders, and appetite stimulation.

Choosing the Right Cannabinoid

Determining the right cannabinoid depends on the ailment that you’re trying to get a handle on. Most cannabinoids have been found to deal with pain symptoms, though CBD has proven to be a popular choice for most people looking to manage regular pain or inflammatory problems such as arthritis. CBD is also readily available in numerous forms and offers a good starting point to begin your healing journey. At Myriam’s Hemp, we carry various options for CBD, CBDA, CBG, and CBN. If you have questions, we’ll happily take the time to help you determine which cannabinoid will offer the right solutions for your individual needs.

Buy Cannabinoid Oil Online at Myriam’s Hemp

All of the products offered at Myriam’s Hemp are made with 100% natural ingredients and are specially formulated for maximum absorption and efficiency. They don’t contain any sugar or wheat and are vegan friendly making them a viable option for most people. Each product contains less than 0.3% THC and focuses instead on the known health benefits of other cannabinoids that can help to promote the relief of a myriad of different medical ailments. Our goal is to show you the change that premium hemp products can exact in your life, and we do that by producing our products with quality at the forefront of our minds. Many of our customers use cannabinoids such as CBD for medical purposes, and you can, too. Shop our available products and purchase CBD or other cannabinoid products online today.

CBD Holiday Gift Guide

CBD Holiday Gift Guide


CBD Holiday Gift Guide

As the upcoming holiday season draws near, people across the country are beginning to think of the perfect gift ideas to make this year extra special. Whether you’re looking for ways to treat yourself or choose a gift that will make someone else’s day, Myriam’s Hemp carries an extensive line of CBD products that have been crafted to suit the needs of everyone on your holiday list. CBD might not be at the front of your mind for gift ideas, but amid the plethora of digital gadgets and gift cards, CBD gifts offer a unique way to let your loved ones know that you’re thinking about their health and wellness.
CBD Holiday Gift Guide

What Makes CBD the Perfect Gift?

While there are many gift ideas that provide only temporary satisfaction, CBD products can continue to provide lasting benefits long after the holiday meal leftovers have been devoured. As the use of CBD becomes more widespread, many people believe that their use of CBD products has contributed to increased health benefits and made a difference to some of their aches and pains, including:

  • Moderate to severe pain. With continued use, CBD products may help to relieve recurring pain which can help to provide a more fulfilling life.
  • Situational anxiety. If the holidays create stress in your life or the lives of others, CBD may help to remove stress and situational anxiety and provide a relaxing benefit.
  • Inflammation. CBD may help to provide a normal inflammatory response in both people and pets, making it a common choice for those with joint pain or swelling.
  • Sleep issues. If you’re struggling to achieve a solid night’s sleep, using CBD may help to provide the rest you need to make it through the busy holiday season.

If you want your gifts to be unique, thoughtful, and helpful, choosing CBD products is an excellent way to cross names off your list quickly and ensure that everyone will have the chance to experience the uplifting benefits of this natural plant.

CBD is a Great Gift for Your Furry Friends, Too!

Did you know that pets can use CBD as well? At Myriam’s Hemp, we’ve blended natural ingredients with full spectrum hemp extract to create pet CBD that can offer many benefits to your dog or cat and may help them to overcome some of the stresses that are common around this time of year. Our Pet CBD oil is the perfect choice for many pets and provides 10mg of active CBD per 1ml dropper. It doesn’t contain any sugar or wheat, and it’s vegan friendly making it a popular choice to suit the dietary requirements of dogs and cats.


Shop CBD Gifts at Myriam’s Hemp

Whichever CBD gift options you choose, know that all of our products are lab tested, made with natural ingredients, contain less than 0.3% THC, and are produced right here in the USA. At Myriam’s Hemp, our goal is to bring you premium, high-quality CBD products that provide lasting benefits. We want to help you learn more about alternative medicine and we ship to all 50 states to help you easily access new products. Satisfy everyone’s cravings for better health this year and complete your holiday shopping at Myriam’s Hemp. Whether for family or furry friends, browse our online store and order from a wide selection of CBD products today.

How to Make Cannabis CBD Salve

How to Make Cannabis CBD Salve

CBD is a hugely popular supplement nowadays. People of all ages are now trying CBD for themselves, especially as there are so many convenient ways to take it. Some of the most popular CBD products include CBD Oils, which can be applied under your tongue or added to food, CBD Capsules, CBD Edibles, and CBD Vape Products. However, another great CBD product to use is CBD Salve.

If you want a CBD product that you can apply directly to your body to soak the CBD into your skin, CBD Salve is the perfect choice for you. It’s easy to rub into any part of the body, and you only really need a small pinch to apply a good dose of cannabidiol. It’s one of many CBD Topicals- a category of CBD products including creams, lotions, and other skin and body care products infused with CBD.

The great thing about CBD Salve is that it’s safe, easy-to-use, and can be applied pretty much anywhere on the body where you want to use CBD. What’s more, while you can buy CBD Salve online or in stores, it’s also easy to make at home. All it takes is a few basic ingredients and you can infuse it with any kind of essential oils and scents you want. Here’s a guide on how to make Cannabis CBD Salve and why you might want to.

What Is CBD Salve?

CBD Salve is a type of CBD Topical. CBD Topicals come in many forms, from simple creams and lotions to products such as bath bombs and body sprays infused with cannabidiol. These products are slightly different from other types of CBD products as they allow you to absorb CBD into the body without it reaching your bloodstream.

You use CBD Salve by applying it directly to your body. You can use it anywhere where you want to absorb CBD. For instance, users looking to soothe a wound or ache can apply CBD to the affected area of their body for fast-acting comfort. Salve can vary in its consistency, but it’s usually a little thicker than topicals such as CBD Creams or Lotions.

It’s one of the many safe and convenient CBD products available on the market today. CBD is short for cannabidiol- a naturally-occurring chemical compound or “cannabinoid” found in cannabis plants. CBD is generally extracted from hemp and infused into products such as oils, food products, and, of course, a range of topical products.

Although research on CBD is still limited, many people find that using it regularly gives them a sense of comfort and relief. Surveys show that many people now use CBD for a range of reasons, especially as it provides an alternative to cannabis that’s safe and free from psychoactive effects.

What Is CBD Salve

How Does CBD Salve Work?

One of the interesting things about CBD Salve, and CBD Topicals as a whole, is that they provide a unique method of consumption to other CBD products. Most CBD products allow you to ingest cannabidiol either orally or sublingually (under the tongue), where the cannabidiol will then be carried throughout your system.

In contrast, CBD Topicals work by direct application to the skin. When applied anywhere on the body, CBD Topicals are absorbed into your body and interact with cannabinoid receptors under the skin. As such, people often use CBD Topicals for local, targeted relief. Unlike other CBD products, CBD Topicals don’t reach your bloodstream and won’t be carried through the rest of your body and brain.

The lone exception to this rule is CBD Transdermal Patches. These are topically-applied CBD products that give you a long-lasting dose of CBD that’s absorbed into the skin and carried throughout your veins to the rest of your body. However, other topicals, including CBD Salve, work specifically on the area of the body you apply them to.

Why Use CBD Salve?

Some users may see CBD Salve as limited compared to other CBD products since they won’t carry cannabidiol into your bloodstream. However, CBD Salve still offers a convenient and effective way to use CBD and it has many benefits for users.

Although it doesn’t carry CBD around your entire system, CBD Salve is perfect for applying a targeted dose of CBD to a specific area of the body. For instance, you might want to rub CBD Salve into your back if you’re experiencing back pain or apply it to cuts or bruises around the body. The CBD will be absorbed exactly where you want it.

The other great thing about CBD Salve is that these products come packed with other essential oils and ingredients designed to benefit your skin. As such, you can use it safely on your body and face and it may even help you clear up skin problems and give you healthier skin. People often use topicals such as CBD Salve to help with issues such as acne and skin inflammation.

Of course, CBD Topicals also offer a safe and convenient way to use cannabidiol. You simply have to take a pinch of CBD Salve and rub it generously anywhere on the body. You can use as much as you like and you won’t have to worry about any dangerous side effects. It’s a great way to use CBD daily, especially if you’re planning on targeting a specific area. You can also use it all over your body if you like.

What You Need To Make CBD Salve

What You Need To Make CBD Salve

While you can buy readymade CBD Salve, it can also be fun and interesting to make some yourself. The great thing about making CBD Salve is that it only takes a few ingredients and a few basic pieces of kitchen equipment. What’s more, you can customize it to be as potent as you like and add in any essential oils of your choice.

There are a few ways to make CBD Salve. For instance, you might want to make CBD Salve using cannabis. You’ll want to get a cannabis strain with high levels of CBD and low levels of THC. This can be tricky if you don’t live in a legal state, but you can also extract CBD from strains of hemp, which is federally legal to buy and use across the United States.

With that, it’s much better to make CBD Salve using CBD Oil. CBD Oil is easily available across the United States and you can even buy CBD Oil online. It’s also perfect for infusing into all kinds of topicals and other CBD products. You simply have to combine it with a couple of other ingredients to make quality CBD Salve.

Once you have your CBD, you simply need some shea butter and beeswax. These ingredients will give you a CBD Salve that’s thick and safe to apply to your skin. You can use substitutes- for instance, those who want to make vegan-friendly CBD Salve can use candelilla wax or soy wax instead of beeswax. It’s also possible to use Coconut Oil instead of shea butter.

How To Make CBD Salve

Making CBD Salve is fairly quick and simple- you simply need some CBD Oil, shea butter, and candelilla wax. You can also infuse the salve with any essential oils you want to enhance the scent and effects. While you can make CBD Salve with hemp or cannabis, the extraction process takes longer and using CBD Oil is much more convenient. Here’s how to make CBD Salve.

Ingredients and Equipment:

  • 1 ounce of CBD Oil
  • 1 ounce of beeswax (you can also use candelilla or soy wax)
  • 1 ounce of shea butter
  • Essential oils of your choice
  • A double boiler
  • Glass containers for storing your salve

Step 1: To start making CBD Salve, create a double boiler by filling a saucepan or pot with boiling water and putting a smaller glass bowl inside. When it’s not too hot, add your CBD Oil and wait for it to simmer. Next, add in your wax. Wait for it to melt and stir the ingredients to blend them.

Step 2: Once you’ve blended your oil and wax, add your shea butter to the mixture. You can also add any essential oils at this point, such as Lavender oil, Lemongrass oil, and Eucalyptus. Stir all ingredients together until everything dissolves and you end up with a clear mixture.

Step 3: When all of your ingredients have been blended and you have a clear mixture, your CBD Salve is ready. Slowly pour the liquid into small containers. It’s best to use glass containers as these won’t melt and will retain the quality of your CBD Salve.

Step 4: Seal the containers and store them in a cool, dry place. You can now use your CBD Salve as much as you wish. Simply take a pinch of CBD Salve and rub it into your body wherever you want to use CBD.

Is CBD Salve Safe To Use

Is CBD Salve Safe To Use?

Much like other CBD products, CBD Salve is very safe to use. Cannabidiol is very well-tolerated by humans with no potential for harm or abuse. Arguably, topicals such as CBD Salve are even safer than other CBD products as they don’t reach your bloodstream and simply give you localized relief.

Research on the safety of CBD regularly shows that it’s a very safe substance to use in any form. Only minor side effects are reported, such as diarrhea, fatigue, and changes in your mood and appetite. Even then, these side effects are uncommon, and you’re unlikely to experience any side effects whatsoever when using CBD Salve.

CBD is also non-addictive and there’s no risk of overdosing from CBD. That means you can use CBD daily without worrying about any adverse effects. You can also use as much as you want without worrying about any complications.

Despite its connection to cannabis, CBD Salve will not get you high and you won’t experience any kind of psychoactive effects. CBD is a completely non-psychoactive substance, and even if you use Cannabis Salve which contains THC and CBD, you won’t get any of the psychoactive effects of THC as the cannabinoids don’t reach your bloodstream.

Where To Buy CBD Salve

Although making CBD Salve at home is fairly quick and easy, you may simply want to buy some readymade CBD Salve. After all, you can get high-quality CBD Salve at a good price without having to go through the effort of making it yourself. CBD Salve is available in various CBD stores and health stores. You can also find it online.

You might also want to try similar CBD Topicals. For example, you can buy CBD Balm online from Myriam’s Hope Hemp. This handy balm can be applied anywhere on the body for a convenient and effective way to absorb cannabidiol. It’s also infused with other organic ingredients to be safe and beneficial for your skin.

With that said, you may still want to try making CBD Salve. You can also buy CBD Oil for use in CBD Salve and make as much as you want. You can also customize it with all kinds of essential oils to alter the scent and add extra benefits.

Alternatives To CBD Salve

Alternatives To CBD Salve

CBD Salve is a great product to use when you want an easy way to apply CBD directly to the body. It’s also easy to make at home. However, CBD Salve isn’t the best option for everyone and you may want to consider other kinds of CBD products.

The most popular choice is usually CBD Oil. You can buy CBD Oil in many quantities. For instance, if you need a regular daily dose, you can buy Daily 25 CBD which contains 750mg of CBD in each bottle. If you feel like you need more, you can also buy Daily 50 CBD or Daily 100 CBD.

You may also want to try other cannabinoid oils, such as CBDA Oil or CBG Oil. All of these oils are safe to use and you can either apply them under your tongue or add them to foods and drinks for healthy cannabinoid-infused edibles. You can also use them for making other kinds of topical products.


Making CBD Salve is quick and simple- all you need is some CBD Oil, shea butter, and beeswax. It’s also easy to use, just apply some to any area of the body and allow the CBD to absorb. If you want to buy CBD Oil or other CBD-infused products, you can order safe, high-quality CBD products online at Myriam’s Hope Hemp.

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