CBD Oil is becoming a popular natural supplement which anyone can use. Although CBD is found in cannabis plants, buying hemp-derived CBD products is legal in all 50 states, and anyone can benefit from these products. But there are certain things to look for before you buy CBD Oil.

There’s a lot of variety when it comes to CBD products- some contain more CBD, some are made from marijuana rather than hemp, and some have different flavors. You’ll want to check certain things when buying CBD Oil to make sure you get the best product. Here are five things to look for before you buy.

1. Does it Come from Hemp or Marijuana?

CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical compound found in both marijuana and hemp plants. While products can use extracts from either plant, it does make a significant difference to their legal status.

Marijuana is still illegal in many states. Some allow users with medical cards to use marijuana products and some allow adults aged 21 or over to buy them. However, hemp products are legal for all ages in all states without a medical prescription. Because of this, most CBD Oils now use hemp extracts in order to make them much more widely accessible.

CBD Oils will usually say right on the bottle whether they come from hemp or marijuana. Legal products must have less than 0.3% THC, which means these products won’t give you any psychoactive effects. Medical users or adults in legal marijuana states can also use marijuana-based THC Oils or 1:1 THC and CBD Oils, although these products can get you high.

2. How Much CBD Does it Contain?

Another thing you should look out for when buying CBD Oil is how much CBD the bottle contains. You can buy CBD Oil in various quantities depending on what exactly your purposes are. Usually, the label will tell you how many milligrams of CBD each bottle contains.

The right choice depends on numerous factors. For instance, beginner users may want to start off with a smaller bottle such as 750mg of CBD Oil. This is enough to give you a daily dose of 25mg for 30 days. Users who want to stock up on CBD or want a higher daily dosage may prefer 1500mg or even 3000mg of CBD Oil. These bottles give you plenty of CBD for all your needs.

Usually, buying a higher quantity will result in better savings. Buying more can also help those who need high daily dosages. However, those who purely need general wellness benefits can still get by just fine with a smaller bottle.

3. Is it Lab Tested?

When it comes to CBD Oil, you want to make sure you buy from a legit brand. There are tons of products on the market today and some cut corners when it comes to quality. Testing is important to assure not just the quality of the product, but also the legality.

A study on CBD Oils found that only 30.95% of products are labeled accurately. Mislabeled products will often have higher levels of THC, which may cause unwanted effects or even make you fail a drug test. This highlights why testing and proper labeling is important, as it assures consumers know exactly what they’re getting and that they’re buying fully legal products.

In order to get the best quality CBD Oil, it’s best to buy from brands which undergo proper product testing. For instance, all of the products available on Myriam’s Hemp are lab tested to assure premium quality and accurate labels.

4. Does it Contain Other Cannabinoids?

Not all CBD Oil products are made the same. In fact, there can be significant differences in the cannabinoids they contain. While some contain nothing but CBD, others can contain other cannabinoids. They can also differ in their terpene content.

One of the main differences is in the CBD extracts they use. Pure CBD or CBD Isolate products contain nothing but CBD. However, full spectrum or whole plant CBD Oils can contain a range of different cannabinoids and terpenes. These oils will still be less than 0.3% THC, but they’ll have added benefits from things like CBN and CBG.

Of course, another big difference is in whether oils contain THC or not. Hemp-based oils have to keep THC levels below 0.3%, but in legal states, you can also find cannabis oils with both CBD and THC. These two cannabinoids work well together and can suit users who enjoy the recreational effects of THC.

5. Should You Consider Alternatives to CBD Oil?

CBD Oil is a great product thanks to its safety, convenience, and effectiveness. However, there are also alternatives to consider. Some users prefer THC Oils, although these aren’t legal everywhere. However, there are also other alternatives to CBD Oil you may want to consider before buying.

CBD isn’t the only legal cannabinoid in hemp, and other oils focus on the benefits of its relatives. For instance, CBG Oil contains cannabigerol. According to studies, CBG can help with pain, inflammation, insomnia, seizures, and a lot more. You could also try CBDA Oil. CBD comes from CBDA, and some research suggests CBDA may even be more helpful.

You can also try different kinds of CBD products as an alternative to CBD Oils. For instance, CBD Topicals such as CBD Balm work by direct application to the body. There are also products such as CBD Edibles and Vape Cartridges. All of these alternatives work well in conjunction with CBD Oil, so you can always try more than one at a time.


If you want to try CBD Oil for yourself, it’s easier than ever. Its legal status makes it easy to find CBD Oil in various health stores and even designated CBD stores. You can also buy CBD Oil online for delivery all over the United States. Myriam’s Hope Hemp provides a range of CBD products which are lab tested, made from hemp, and contain less than 0.3% THC. This makes them fully legal and anyone can buy them without a medical prescription.

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