CBD is a safe, non-psychoactive cannabinoid which is extracted from hemp plants for use in all kinds of CBD products. These products act as healthy, herbal supplements which users find beneficial for various purposes. Although you’ve likely heard of popular products such as CBD Oils, there are various options when it comes to how to take your CBD.

With so many unique CBD products on the market, consumers have more choices than ever. You may prefer the ease and convenience of CBD Oil or you might want to go with something unique like CBD Topicals. Here are some of the most effective options to take your CBD.


You might know CBD Oil by a few names, such as CBD Drops and CBD Tincture. Whichever way, this liquid cannabidiol product is incredibly popular for CBD users as it provides fast-acting effects in an easy-to-consume form.

Those who have never taken CBD Oil will have no problem getting used to it. You don’t need any extra equipment- all you need is your bottle of CBD Oil and a couple of minutes. You use the dropper to measure your dose of CBD Oil and drop it directly under your tongue. Hold it there for around 60-90 seconds to absorb the cannabidiol into your system quickly and effectively.

It’s one of the best ways to take your CBD, especially due to its convenience. You can use CBD Oil each day if you want a regular dose or even carry a bottle in your bag or glove box if you want a quick dose of CBD on the go. You can buy CBD Oil online in many forms and even a single bottle can last you for a while.

CBD Edibles

If you want a more novel way to take your CBD, CBD Edibles might be the best option for you. These are food products which are infused with cannabidiol. Just eat them and your body will digest the CBD into your system.

Since they need to be digested first, CBD Edibles can take longer than other methods of consumption like CBD Oils to reach your system. However, many users prefer edibles simply for the enjoyability factor. They can come in all kinds of tasty forms from gummy bears to cookies.

CBD Edibles are usually split into small servings to make it simple for you to get your desired dosage. For instance, a pack of CBD candies might have 10mg of CBD in each piece, so if you want a 20mg daily dose, it only takes a couple each day. However, those who want to chow down on tasty CBD Edibles won’t need to worry- you can take as much as you want without any negative side effects.

CBD Beverages

Edibles aren’t the only way to consume CBD orally. You can also drink your CBD in the form of CBD-infused beverages. No matter whether you prefer hot drinks, smoothies or water, there’s a way to get a convenient dose of CBD in your beverage.

The best way to make CBD Beverages is to infuse drinks with CBD Oil. The oil will mix well into any kind of drink, just stir it in until it’s fully diffused. Once you’ve done that, there’s nothing left to do except drink and enjoy. Like Edibles, you’ll need to allow time for CBD Beverages to digest, but they do provide an effective and enjoyable way to take CBD.

There are no limits to the kind of CBD Beverages you can drink. You can infuse CBD into coffee, tea, smoothies, juices, and even cocktails. Adding CBD to healthy drinks like tea and smoothies can result in an even healthier beverage for you to enjoy.

CBD Topicals

CBD Topicals are topical products which are infused with cannabidiol. These work quite differently from other kinds of CBD products. While most CBD products are ingested into the body in one way or another, topicals are applied directly to the skin and only attach to cannabinoid receptors under the skin without reaching your bloodstream or your brain.

With that said, CBD Topicals still have practical uses. Some users find them therapeutic for pain in a similar way to products like icy hot. Research suggests that CBD may also have dermatological uses, and Topicals often also contain essential oils, vitamins, and other ingredients to improve skin health.

Topicals can come in many forms, such as CBD Balm, Lotion, Body Spray, Cream, and even CBD Bath Bombs. Most CBD Topicals are only absorbed into your skin and not your bloodstream. The lone exception is CBD Transdermal Patches which you apply to your wrist to absorb CBD through the veins.

CBD Vapes

Users who like vaping and want to consume CBD often combine the two using CBD vape products. Vaping or vaporizing is a smokeless method of consumption where you use a vape pen or vaporizer to heat products to such a high point that they give off thick, inhalable vapor.

While regular CBD Oil is too thick to vape, you can find CBD Vape Oils which are designed for vaporizing. You apply these to the chamber of a vaporizer, heat them, and enjoy the CBD-packed vapor. You can also use CBD Vape Cartridges or CBD Vape Pods, which are compatible with certain Vape Pens and Vape Batteries.

Vaporizing is a fast-acting method of consumption which enables you to absorb CBD into your system within minutes. Vape products also come in all kinds of tasty flavors to make the vaporizing experience more enjoyable for users.


All of these products are great options if you’re trying to decide how to take your CBD. As for how much you can take, usually a dose of 15-25mg of CBD is enough for general use, but users with certain symptoms and ailments may want to use a higher daily dose. Fortunately, you can take as much CBD as you want without any negative effects.

Hemp-based CBD products are legal to use and can be found in all kinds of stores across the United States. The easiest way to get CBD is to buy CBD products online. Myriam’s Hemp offers a range of safe and legal CBD products available for delivery across the country.


  1. Robert on December 1, 2019 at 5:00 pm

    I ordered your DAILY 50 CBD and would like to know if there’s a guide somewhere that can help me figure out the proper dosage for moderate pain management from trigger points. Thanks!

  2. Robert on December 1, 2019 at 5:00 pm

    I ordered your DAILY 50 CBD and would like to know if there’s a guide somewhere that can help me figure out the proper dosage for moderate pain management from trigger points. Thanks!

  3. Tyler Johnson on February 12, 2020 at 12:53 pm

    That’s good to know that CBD oil is fast-acting. I have heard that you could use CBD for pain relief, so I could see why you would want to have it act quickly in that situation. I should consider getting some CBD oil to try out since It would be nice to have a way to get rid of headaches without taking a bunch of pills.

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