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Our Team

Diana Peña


Diana was working as a makeup artist and hairstylist when her mom, Myriam, was suddenly diagnosed with an inoperable glioblastoma brain tumor in 2013. The prognosis was grim-she was given just six months to live. Diana fought through the devastation to begin her quest to save her mother’s life, whatever it took. Her openness to any solution led her to cannabis.

At the time, information about cannabis and its medical potential was scarce. Nevertheless, with guidance from a few social media cannabis groups and after doing her own research, Diana figured out how to make cannabis oils and began giving them to her mom.

As time passed, and as Diana continued to share her mom’s story on social media, the topic of cannabis and its healing effects on the body started to gain traction. In 2013, CBD tinctures were virtually unheard of-and nearly impossible to find. Diana saw an opportunity to make the oils widely available, and decided to create Myriam’s Hemp.

Jeff Caliri

CFO & Co-Founder

In addition to his duties as CFO of Myriam’s Hemp, Jeff Caliri is the lead manufacturing consultant, overseeing the creation and development of proprietary Myriam’s Hemp formulations. Jeff was in the real estate business when his partnering co-founder, Diana, approached him about creating and selling the oils that were helping to soothe her ill mother, Myriam. Immediately, he recognized the opportunity to make clean, affordable oils easily accessible those who, like Myriam, could benefit from them. He also knew it was the right long-term path for him, so he traded housing for hemp.

Ingrid Ferris

Executive Assistant, Sales & Marketing

Ingrid’s personal health and fitness journey led her to join Myriam’s Hemp in 2018. After a few years of competitive bodybuilding began to take a toll, Ingrid turned her focus to improving her health and helping others do the same. Shortly after, she was diagnosed with two autoimmune disorders, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Graves’ disease, and began exploring cannabis and CBD to help relieve her symptoms. As part of the Myriam’s Hemp team, Ingrid’s roles include assisting in all customer support, sales and creating marketing material for further educating consumers on the benefits of CBD and how it can change their quality of life.

Justin Caliri

Lab Director

Justin was the first Myriam’s Hemp employee, and the maker of the oils that started it all. His previous experience in business management combined with a deep passion for helping people led him to apply his skills and knowledge to the healing world of organic hemp and CBD. As Lab Director, Justin is in charge of all things manufacturing, including bottling, packaging, handling custom orders, and making sure every Myriam’s Hemp customer gets the best quality product available.

Judy Caliri

Customer Service & Sales

Judy is the primary customer liaison at Myriam’s Hemp, responsible for distributing marketing materials, answering customers’ questions, and getting Myriam’s Hemp products to those whose lives they can improve. Having been Myriam’s caregiver for nearly a year, and a close family friend before that, Judy’s connection to the business is personal and profound. She was the second employee hired to the team, at first to help with packaging and managing orders, then moving into the company’s first official customer service role-where she still satisfies her need to help others.

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