Reasons Your CBD Oil Isn’t Working

Many people who start taking CBD have the expectation that it should begin to work straight away, that they should feel the effects of CBD quickly. For some, it’s based on how other substances work. If you have a headache and take a tablet, it usually works within an hour. THC, alcohol, and many other substances begin to work fairly quickly for most, but CBD is a little different. First of all, CBD isn’t going to give you the buzz that THC will, nor will it “kick in” as fast. CBD is a cannabinoid that interacts with the endocannabinoid system in your brain, and each person will feel or experience the effects a little differently. There are several factors that can dictate the effect that it will have, and how quickly those effects can be felt.

How to Make CBD Work For You

“I Tried It Once, But I Didn’t Feel Anything.”

You aren’t alone – in fact, if you’ve just started taking CBD oil or tried it once before setting it aside, there’s a good chance that you won’t feel anything. CBD takes time to build up in your system, which means that it’s important to continue taking it daily for a few weeks in order to get fully acquainted. If you have been taking it for a few weeks and still haven’t noticed any difference in terms of pain, inflammation, joint discomfort, it could be time to adjust your dosage. It’s always good to start small and work your way up, but the opposite can have just as little impact. Taking too much OR too little CBD means that you won’t likely feel any change. Your body needs the right amount which will be somewhere in the middle – so adjust your dosage, continue taking it, and note any differences. Remember that your weight can make a difference, too. If you’re smaller, you may not need to increase by very much, while if you’re if a little bigger, you may want to try a stronger dose.

How to Make CBD Work for You

If you want to give CBD another try, be sure that it comes from a reputable source. CBD oil should always be tested by those who sell it in order to ensure that the quality and potency are accurate. If a retailer is legitimate, they’ll have lab reports to prove that their products are the real deal. You can find Myriam’s Hemp’s lab results on our website. Once you know that you have a good bottle, try changing up the way that you consume it. The most common method for taking CBD is to place a few drops under your tongue so that it can be absorbed quickly into your bloodstream before your body breaks it down. You can also consume it directly, mix it into food, or add it to your favorite drink. Consuming CBD will cause enzymes in your liver to breakdown the oil to some degree, but if your dosage is correct, you’ll still feel the effects of CBD in a positive way.

Don’t Give Up! Myriam’s Hemp Can Help

At Myriam’s Hemp, our goal is to provide you with educational resources to help you get the most from CBD and enjoy its natural health benefits. We carefully source our products from reputable growers and producers to ensure that you’re armed with the best quality and complete lab testing so that you can be sure too. We’re always available to answer any questions you have about your CBD intake, so be sure to contact us for more information.

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