From children to elderly patients, all kinds of people now use CBD for a host of reasons. Research on CBD users shows that they choose CBD for a long list of different reasons. But while people of all ages and backgrounds can use CBD, should you try CBD for your pet?

Currently, research on CBD is still in its early stages and research on using CBD for pets is even more limited. However, there have been some promising findings. CBD can be used for other animals, such as dogs and cats, just as it can for humans. And while there’s no guarantee it’ll heal any symptoms, many users report seeing positive effects from using CBD for their pets. Here’s what you need to know about trying CBD for your pet.

Can CBD Work For Animals?

There’s a lot of interesting research out there on the effects of CBD. CBD works by interacting with endocannabinoid receptors in the body’s peripheral and central nervous systems. However, CBD can also work for animals.

All animals have the same endocannabinoid system. As such, CBD can work in pets such as dogs and cats just as it can for humans. Although the methods of administration and dosages are different, you can give CBD to your pets safely in multiple ways and there are even CBD products for pets.

Research on using CBD for pets is more limited than research on CBD for humans. However, there are still some interesting findings. While further research is still needed, studies show that animals can use CBD effectively.

Can CBD Work For Animals

Is CBD Safe For Your Pet?

It’s only natural for pet owners to worry about introducing new substances to their pets. Fortunately, CBD is very safe to use and shouldn’t cause your pets any problems whatsoever. Studies on the safety of CBD regularly show that CBD has no serious health risks and no risk of addiction or overdose.

Studies on using CBD for pets have also shown that it can be used safely. For instance, research on using CBD for dogs found that dogs could use CBD regularly without any serious issues.

There are some things to note when giving CBD to pets. Some animals may experience some minor side effects, such as fatigue, dry mouth, thirst, diarrhea, and issues with their mood or appetite. However, negative effects from using CBD are uncommon. You should avoid giving your pet CBD products designed for humans. Dogs and cats also need significantly lower doses of CBD than humans.

How To Give CBD To Your Pet

You can give CBD to your pets safely and effectively in numerous ways, although the products you use and the way you use them will be a little different from using CBD for yourself. Luckily, there are now safe, high-quality CBD products designed for pets.

A study on CBD delivery methods for dogs found that CBD-infused oils usually offer the most effective way for dogs to consume CBD. CBD Oil absorbs into the system quickly and lasts for a long time, making it very effective for your pets.

Usually, CBD Oil is taken by absorbing it under the tongue. However, giving it to your pets may be trickier. There are a few ways around this. You can simply apply CBD Oil into your pet’s mouth for them to consume orally. You can also lift their lip and apply it to their gums for fast-acting absorption.

You can also add CBD Oil to your pet’s food. This makes for an especially easy and effective way to give your dog or cat a healthy dose of CBD. Simply apply a few drops on top of their food and they’ll absorb it into their system when they eat it.

How To Give CBD To Your Pet

How Much CBD Should You Give To Your Pet?

The ways you give CBD to your pets is slightly different from how you’d take CBD to yourself. The dosages also differ. Since your pets are much smaller than humans, they usually need a lower dose of CBD for it to be effective.

CBD is currently unregulated and there are no official recommendations on how much CBD to use for yourself or your pet. However, there are many studies and anecdotal reports which provide some idea on how much CBD you should administer to your pet.

A daily dose of 3-5mg of CBD per 10lbs of body weight usually works well for dogs or cats. If you feel your pets need more CBD, you can increase their dose or give them multiple doses of CBD each day.

Where To Buy CBD Products For Pets

When it comes to giving CBD products to pets, it’s best to use CBD products designed specifically for pets. These are now easy to find and you can even buy CBD pet products online. These products are safe, natural, and perfect for administering to your beloved pets.

Myriam’s Hope Hemp offers a range of natural, hemp-based CBD products. These are legal to buy across the United States. All products are also lab-tested to ensure there are no harmful contaminants or impurities, making them very safe to use.

Pet CBD Oil is ideal for administering CBD to your pets. Each bottle contains 300mg of CBD, giving you plenty for a healthy daily dose. Each milliliter of Pet CBD Oil contains 10mg of CBD, making it easy to measure out the right dose for your pet and give it to them safely.


Should you try CBD for your pet? There’s no harm in trying it out. Although CBD is not a medical product and is not guaranteed to help with any symptoms, studies and reports on CBD for pets are very promising. It’s also safe to use and easy to administer to your dogs or cats. You can buy CBD Pet Oil for delivery online from Myriam’s Hope Hemp.

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