One of the most fascinating trends today is the massive increase in the popularity of CBD products. While CBD products are often sold in medical marijuana dispensaries, general consumers can also buy hemp-based CBD products without any need for a medical prescription. These products are safe, legal, and non-psychoactive, but what exactly does CBD do?

While there are many studies and reports which suggest that CBD has potential benefits for the body, there’s no guarantee CBD will provide any health benefits. CBD is still awaiting FDA regulations and it’s not classified as a medical product. However, many people still find CBD useful as a natural supplement for many reasons. Here’s a guide on what to expect from CBD.

What is CBD?

Cannabis plants contain a range of chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. These cannabinoids are safe for human consumption and can provide a range of different effects. Most people associate cannabis with the main psychoactive cannabinoid, THC, which is known for its ability to make you high. However, CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that’s becoming widely sought-after by consumers.

While CBD is found in varying amounts in different cannabis strains, it’s usually extracted from hemp for use in a variety of easy-to-consume products. Unlike marijuana, hemp-based CBD products are federally legal in the United States, and you can now buy them in many stores and online.

CBD is often seen as a helpful alternative to regular marijuana products. It won’t make you high or give you any intoxicating effects, but users still find the use of CBD therapeutic for a variety of reasons. It’s important to note that CBD is still unregulated by the FDA and there’s still a lot of debate on how much it can help. However, it’s safe to use and recommended by many users.

What is CBD

What Exactly Does CBD Do?

There’s still a lot of debate on what exactly CBD does. CBD doesn’t give you any psychoactive effects and you may not feel a difference in your body at all. Hemp-based CBD products are also not classified as medical treatments. So why do so many people use these products?

When you consume CBD, it binds to cannabinoid receptors and interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is a biological system found in all mammals which can affect your pain sensation, appetite, mood, immune function, memory, digestion, and a lot more.

Much research has been done about the potential benefits of CBD.  However, CBD is still awaiting FDA regulations and, without further research, there’s no guarantee it can help as a treatment for medical symptoms. Nonetheless, many people find CBD useful as a daily herbal supplement and surveys show that many users recommend CBD, especially as it can be used safely with no harmful effects.

How Do You Use CBD?

There are many different kinds of CBD products that can be used in different ways. The most popular is CBD Oil. The most convenient way to use CBD Oil is to apply drops of it under your tongue to absorb it into your body. The cannabidiol reaches your system within around 20 minutes. 

Oral consumption is another option. You can also infuse CBD Oil into foods or drinks for a more enjoyable way to use it. There are also products such as CBD Edibles and CBD Capsules which you simply swallow to consume the cannabidiol. They take longer to digest into your system, but they work just as well.

You can also get Topical CBD products such as CBD-infused balms, creams, and lotions. These are absorbed directly into your skin, although they don’t get absorbed into your bloodstream. Topicals are useful for applying CBD to a localized area of the body.

CBD Vape Products are another popular option. Products like CBD Vape Cartridges and Oils can be used with a vaporizer to inhale tasty CBD-packed vapor. All of these methods can be just as safe and effective and the choice usually comes down to what you prefer.

How Do You Use CBD

What Are The Side Effects of CBD?

CBD is an organic product made with natural ingredients. As such, it’s very safe to use. The side effects reported from CBD are minimal and there’s no real risk of harm or potential for abuse.

Studies on the side effects of CBD show that the most common issues are diarrhea, nausea, tiredness, and changes in mood or appetite. With that said, most users won’t feel any side effects at all, especially when using CBD in small to moderate doses.

You can take as much CBD as you want- studies show that even daily doses of up to 1,500mg are well-tolerated. There’s no risk of overdosing from CBD and it’s non-addictive, meaning you won’t have to worry about any withdrawal symptoms if you decide to stop taking it.

CBD is also non-psychoactive. It won’t impair your judgment, make you paranoid or give you any intoxicating effects. As such, there’s not much to worry about when it comes to consuming CBD.

Where to Buy CBD

When it comes to buying CBD, make sure you buy high-quality products from a reputable seller. With no strict regulations on CBD, there are many mislabeled products out there and the best way to determine whether you’re getting quality CBD is to check for lab-tested products.

Myriam’s Hope Hemp sells a range of premium hemp-based CBD products. These are all lab-tested to ensure they’re of high quality and free from any harmful contaminants or impurities.

You can choose from a range of CBD Oils in various quantities. Other oils, such as CBDA Oil and CBG Oil, are also available. If you prefer topicals, you can also buy CBD Balm. You can even buy Pet CBD Oil. Products are all available for home delivery across the United States.


So what exactly does CBD do? You might not feel anything and there’s no guarantee that CBD will relieve any symptoms, but there are many promising studies out there that suggest cannabidiol’s effect on the body’s endocannabinoid system. It’s best to take a daily dose of CBD Oil and see how it works for you.

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